3 Brothers

They tugged and tugged but nothing came loose. The roots stuck into the upper jaw bone stubbornly. Refusing to leave their sanctuary, though it was a little confusing as to why they were protesting in the first place. It was place was becoming overcrowded with the arrival of the 3 brothers, and that essentially messed up the environment.
Finally, the scalpel and drill came in, and proceeded to separate the 3 brothers. The oldest and the longest stood fast. The other 2, well, they gave up after struggling for awhile. They looked despondently at their eldest brother as they were pulled out, leaving him all alone.
Then pliers approached the last brother left clinging to the bone. He fought hard against it, The root groaned and squelched against the flooding blood. But it was in vain. Nothing withstands the human will when it was bent on destruction. The last root was pulled free from the sanctuary and he lay still, bloody and broken on the metal tray beside his fallen brothers. And the sanctuary was left hollow and bloody. Never again to be filled with laughter of the 3 brothers.

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