He inhaled deep, feeling his aveoli bloom. His chest expanded with vapor, eyes fixed on his opponent 30 feet away. The reagents absorbed into his bloodstream and his pulse accelerated.

2.5 seconds. The count was perfect. Right arm extended forward, he formed the sigil, palm outward. He removed the tank from his lips and exhaled, blowing reagent steam forward, as the vapor cloud billowed, he moved his palm around them and let go another burst of vapor, emptying his lungs. The vapor ring shot forward and enveloped the cloud rushing towards Nigen.

Nigen was already forming his defensive sigil but wasn’t prepared for the lightning freeze spell when the vapor cloud hit him full in the face. A crack echoed from Nigen’s frost bitten nose.

Valar smiled. That was a nice surprise, he thought to himself. The Freaky Freeze juice came in handy, even though it tasted rancid. Menthol revulsed him but the frozen opponent before him was worth the horrid after taste. Though, he had only hoped to slow him down, not cause frost bites.

The effect didn’t last as long as he would have liked it to. Nigen’s features blurred as he resisted the vorgil. His eyes darted wildly at Valar and he sensed the schema before Nigen cast the Vorgil; he took a step back and balanced himself as he dragged on his mod. The juice fizzled on the wick from the ferocity of his inhalation. Schema formed and ready in his mind, he released the vapor cloud while his hand formed the lotus vorgil. The cloud reached his sigil as Nigen shot his stream of vapor rings through cupped hands. Mint and something rancid met midway and the air exploded, throwing both of them off their feet. Nigen stumbled but Valar caught himself on the neem tree behind him and released the vorgil he had readied as the counter attack. The vapor ring flamed and hit Nigen on his chest before he could react. The thump was loud enough to stun him and deflate his lungs. Schema forgotten, he watched, helpless, as Valar disappeared among the trees with his quarry.